Installation von Debian Linux 4.0 auf einem ALIX PC

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Ich möchte hier kurz beschreiben wie ich Debian Linux auf einem ALIX PC installiert habe.

  1. Die serielle Schnittstelle (Konsole) des ALIX Board über ein Nullmodemkabel mit einem anderen PC verbinden
  2. Auf dem PC ein Terminalprogramm (z. B. Putty) starten um auf die ALIX Konsole zugreifen zu können
  3. Ggf. müssen die Parameter angepasst werden (Geschwindigkeit, Start/Stop Bit etc.) Siehe hierzu auch Doku des ALIX Boards.
  4. Einrichten eines DHCP und TFTP-Servers auf einem PC
  5. Kopieren der Debian Boot Image Dateien auf den TFTP-Server
  6. Konfiguration des TFTP-Servers (Eintragen der MAC-Adresse der Netzwerkkarte des ALIX Boards)
  7. Booten des ALIX Boards
  8. Installation von Debian Linux

Bootvorgang des ALIX Boards während der Installation über einen TFTP-Server:

PC Engines ALIX.2 v0.99                                              
640 KB Base Memory                                                   
261120 KB Extended Memory                                            
01F0 Master 044A CF CARD 1GB
Phys C/H/S 1954/16/63 Log C/H/S 977/32/63
Intel UNDI, PXE-2.0 (build 082)
Copyright (C) 1997,1998,1999  Intel Corporation
VIA Rhine III Management Adapter v2.43 (2005/12/15)
CLIENT MAC ADDR: 00 0D B9 14 6B 34
GATEWAY IP:                                              
PXELINUX 3.31 Debian-2007-03-09  Copyright (C) 1994-2005 H. Peter Anvin
Press control and F then 1 for help, or ENTER to boot:
Loading debian-installer/i386/linux.......................
Loading debian-installer/i386/initrd.gz.....................................................................
Linux version 2.6.18-6-486 (Debian 2.6.18.dfsg.1-18) ( (gcc version 4.1.2 20061115 (prerelease) (Debian 4.1.1-21)) #1 Sat Jan 26 08:50:43 8                                                                                                                  
BIOS-provided physical RAM map:                                                                                                        
BIOS-e820: 0000000000000000 - 00000000000a0000 (usable)                                                                               
BIOS-e820: 00000000000f0000 - 0000000000100000 (reserved)                                                                             
BIOS-e820: 0000000000100000 - 0000000010000000 (usable)                                                                               
BIOS-e820: 00000000fff00000 - 0000000100000000 (reserved)                                                                             
256MB LOWMEM available.                                                                                                                
DMI not present or invalid.                                                                                                            
ACPI: Unable to locate RSDP                                                                                                            
Allocating PCI resources starting at 20000000 (gap: 10000000:eff00000)                                                                 
Detected 498.097 MHz processor.                                                                                                        
Built 1 zonelists.  Total pages: 65536                                                                                                 
Kernel command line: vga=normal initrd=debian-installer/i386/initrd.gz -- console=ttyS0,9600n8 BOOT_IMAGE=debian-installer/i386/linux  
No local APIC present or hardware disabled                                                                                             
Initializing CPU#0                                                                                                                     
PID hash table entries: 2048 (order: 11, 8192 bytes)                                                                                   
Console: colour dummy device 80x25                                                                                                     
Dentry cache hash table entries: 32768 (order: 5, 131072 bytes)                                                                        
Inode-cache hash table entries: 16384 (order: 4, 65536 bytes)                                                                          
Memory: 252500k/262144k available (1499k kernel code, 9112k reserved, 599k data, 256k init, 0k highmem)                                
Checking if this processor honours the WP bit even in supervisor mode... Ok.                                                           
Calibrating delay using timer specific routine.. 997.41 BogoMIPS (lpj=1994831)                                                         
Security Framework v1.0.0 initialized                                                                                                  
SELinux:  Disabled at boot.                                                                                                            
Capability LSM initialized                                                                                                             
Mount-cache hash table entries: 512                                                                                                    
CPU: L1 I Cache: 64K (32 bytes/line), D cache 64K (32 bytes/line)                                                                      
CPU: L2 Cache: 128K (32 bytes/line)                                                                                                    
Compat vDSO mapped to ffffe000.                                                                                                        
CPU: AMD Geode(TM) Integrated Processor by AMD PCS stepping 02                                                                         
Checking 'hlt' instruction... OK.                                                                                                      
checking if image is initramfs... it is                                                                                                
Freeing initrd memory: 4236k freed                                                                                                     
NET: Registered protocol family 16                                                                                                     
EISA bus registered                                                                                                                    
PCI: PCI BIOS revision 2.10 entry at 0xfcd03, last bus=0                                                                               
PCI: Using configuration type 1                                                                                                        
Setting up standard PCI resources                                                                                                      
ACPI: Interpreter disabled.                                                                                                            
Linux Plug and Play Support v0.97 (c) Adam Belay                                                                                       
pnp: PnP ACPI: disabled                                                                                                                
PnPBIOS: Scanning system for PnP BIOS support...                                                                                       
PnPBIOS: PnP BIOS support was not detected.                                                                                            
PCI: Probing PCI hardware                                                                                                              
NET: Registered protocol family 2                                                                                                      
IP route cache hash table entries: 2048 (order: 1, 8192 bytes)                                                                         
TCP established hash table entries: 8192 (order: 3, 32768 bytes)                                                                       
TCP bind hash table entries: 4096 (order: 2, 16384 bytes)                                                                              
TCP: Hash tables configured (established 8192 bind 4096)                                                                               
TCP reno registered                                                                                                                    
audit: initializing netlink socket (disabled)                                                                                          
audit(946684815.172:1): initialized                                                                                                    
VFS: Disk quotas dquot_6.5.1
Dquot-cache hash table entries: 1024 (order 0, 4096 bytes)
Initializing Cryptographic API
io scheduler noop registered
io scheduler anticipatory registered
io scheduler deadline registered 
io scheduler cfq registered (default)
isapnp: Scanning for PnP cards...
isapnp: No Plug & Play device found
Serial: 8250/16550 driver $Revision: 1.90 $ 4 ports, IRQ sharing enabled
serial8250: ttyS0 at I/O 0x3f8 (irq = 4) is a 16550A
RAMDISK driver initialized: 16 RAM disks of 8192K size 1024 blocksize
PNP: No PS/2 controller found. Probing ports directly.
i8042.c: No controller found.
mice: PS/2 mouse device common for all mice
EISA: Probing bus 0 at eisa.0
Cannot allocate resource for EISA slot 1
Cannot allocate resource for EISA slot 6
EISA: Detected 0 cards.
TCP bic registered
NET: Registered protocol family 1
NET: Registered protocol family 17
NET: Registered protocol family 8

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